2 Responses to “Lumisource Spyra Side Table”

  1. Jean-Claude Picard says:

    Can I have more descriptions about that Lumisource Spyra Side Table EG: height, size weight , whats the source of electricity AC DC battery operated etc etc,,,

  2. Raluca says:

    Product Size: 20″ D. x 20.5″ H. (in.)
    Product Weight: 15.5 lbs.

    The Spyra glowing Side Table adds a colorful twist to your party, featuring etched swirls in the acrylic top that color-phase. Multi-colored LEDs hidden in the table phase between red, blue and green, giving the table its glowing edges. Table is clear acrylic with visible etching when off or in the daylight. Includes adapter that plugs into base.

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