5 Responses to “PODillow face”

  1. Greg Rosen says:

    Hello I noticed you sampled the Padillow. My wife wants one. We are going on vacation in two weeks. Since Podillow does not have them for 10 weeks that makes a problem.

    I am willing to give you $100.00 if you are willing to give me the one you have. You can then buy a new one once they become available.

    let me know if your interested…I am totally serious.


  2. Shanda Morris says:

    I would really like to purchase one, can you send me some info on it?


  3. irene cochet says:

    i really would like a podpillow tell me where i can get one please

  4. Raluca says:

    now it is available!

  5. Rose Couch says:

    Id love to have a podpillow can u tell me how to get it

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